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June 16, 2012
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Papa America x Mama Reader x Child Canada: My Burger
"MOMMY!!"  You turn around to see your son Matthew in tears running up to you.  "Mattie, are you okay?  What happened?"  "Da-dy he's be-ing mean to me-e."  "WHAT?  ALFRED!"  With his name being called by you he came out of nowhere o you and Matthew.  "What is it ______ darling?  Not to fear THE HERO ME is here!"  "Alfred!  Why is Mattie crying?"  "AHAHAHA, I don't know."  Matthew turns to you "Mommy, he tried giving me the gross sandwich!"  "WHAT?" Alfred said shockingly.  "I'll have you know it's a Hamburger and it's The Greatest thing in the next to your sexy mother and heroes!"  They 'bickered' back and forth a bit before you had to step in.  "Enough!  Alfred go to that corner and Matthew, go to the other one.  You're both in time out."  You left the room and the two quickly went to their designated corner.  "Daddy, is Mommy really mad at us?"  Alfred took a moment to think the situation over.  In his mind nothing was wrong.  "No, Mommy just needs some time to herself."  "Oh, okay."  Five minutes went by and their stomachs growled.  "Boy a burger would be great right about now!"  "I want pancakes!"  Alfred looked at his son and a plan came into mind.  "Matt, I want you to cry and say sorry to Mommy!  Then I'll also say sorry.  That way we can get out of this and eat!"  Matthew follows his Daddy's plan and begins to cry.  "_______!  Honey!  Matthew's crying!  _______!"  You rush into the room and see Matthew crying in the corner you assigned him.  "Mattie!"  Matt turned to you "Mommy!  I'm sorry I made you upset and I promise I won't EVEN do it again!  Mommy please forgive me!"  You pull Matthew into a warm hug.  "Mattie, I forgive you!  Mommy didn't mean to make you cry."
Alfred was at the kitchen table with a burger in hand, Matthew was waiting for _____ to finish up with his pancakes and sausage patty.  You finish cooking and handed Matthew a hot plate of food and a bottle of 100% Pure Maple Syrup.  "Thanks Mommy!" he said showing you a smile.  "You're very welcome Mattie!"  He was about to dig in when an idea hit him.  Matthew carefully arranged his meal and looked at it with glee.  "Mommy!  Daddy!  Look what I made!"  You and Alfred stop what you're doing and look at the creation on your son's plate.  He took a sausage patty, placed it between two pancakes and used the maple syrup as ketchup.  "Aww~"  "That's my boy!"  In the end, each boy had his own burger.
Daddy America x Mommy Reader x Child Canada: My Burger
A request by ~lindsay201613 [link]
Thanks for the REQUEST~~~

I do NOT own Hetalia.... Hidekaz Himaruya does.
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i swear ive been reading to much of these!im about to die frum fluffiness and cuteness~!
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