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June 30, 2012
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Papa England x Child Reader: Those Words
Warning!!  A little Dramatic and Emotion!  Don't like it then don't read it!
Arthur Kirkland remembers the day you were born, how could he not forget?  Your first breath was also the last breath of your mother's.  He feared that he'd lose you too when they took you into a separate room.  Finally after three long gruesome hours he got to hold you for the first time and give you a name.  "_______, ________ Kirkland!  I bet your mother would have wanted it too!"  He felt pride in the name and in being a father.  But he lost your mother in the process and that was something his heart would never rebuild from.
He watched over you like a hawk and when your first word was 'mama', pain struck him like lightning.  When you entered preschool you noticed that most of the other kids had two people dropping you off.  You turned to your father and asked "why you didn't have a mummy like the others?"  He gave you a small smile and said "______ you have a mother!  She's always with you in your heart and she's watching over the two of us."  You nodded your little head.
In first grade the teacher decided to have a Mother's Day party to say 'Thank You' to all the mothers in the world.  You came home crying the day before.  "Daddy!  I don't want to go unless you go to!"  Arthur smiled at you with glee.  "_____ I'll gladly go!  What could possibly go wrong?"  You hugged the man and smiled "You're the Greatest!"  He felt his heart grow warm and picked you up.  "Oh _____ that's not true, you're the great one here!"  Your smile grew wider and laughter came out of your small body.  "No Daddy, you're the Greatest and you out beat that weird guy who shouts awesome all the time!"  These words made Arthur happier than anything!!  He truly loved when you said these kind things knowing damn well that you meant it all.  And most of all you meant everything too him!
Arthur held your tiny hand in his as the two of you walked into the classroom.  Everyone and I mean everyone turned and looked at the two of you as if you were both some disease.  The room went into awkward silent mode and watched every single move you both made.  Arthur cleared his throat "Hello I'm Arthur Kirkland, father to ______ Kirkland.  It's a pleasure to see you all."  Suddenly everyone clapped.  Why?  It takes a true man to walk into a room full of women so his child wouldn't have to deal with a day that hurts every single year.
This is a request for ~shadowrulz99 [link] Thank You for the Request!!
It's a little dramatic but in truth I came up with the idea around Father's Day which is a touchy day for me.

I Do NOT own Hetalia
England owns you
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there goes my heart
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he's my hero~
Eminemfan220 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Jesus, this is so sorta nostalgic for me, unfortunately. Just switch the roles of parents and yep, there's my life. Except we never had one of those Father's day thingies when I was little. I did as my mum "where my daddy was" when I was three, though. So yeah..nostalgia. :I This is really awkward now, but that's what happens when you read good fanfiction and you're really tired.
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Iggy is the best daddy ever but i would never trade my dad <3
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